Dr John Aivaz, DDS, MS

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

I established my endodontic practice in 1985 in Long beach. Dr. Perea practiced as an endodontic associate in my office for 13 years. As a Harvard Trained Endodontist, a Clinical Associate Professor at NYU Dental School, and as an employer that hired and worked with more than 25 associates, I dare to say that Dr. Perea was the best and always number one on my list. I called him “Picasso of endodontics”. His tone of voice and his clinical manner with patients is unmatchable. He is a fine and superb clinician. He is a spiritual man, extraordinary husband and father.

Dr Elaine Gorelik DDS

Founder-Trident Dentistry

I am so glad Dr. Jose Ignacio Perea walked into my practice 5 years ago to introduce himself. With his excellent clinical skills, gentle touch, comforting and caring demeanor, he right away fit in to the philosophy of my practice in West Los Angeles.
It’s easy for me to recommend him to my patients, friends and family because of his professionalism, attention to detail, and compassion. Doctor Perea is a talented, intelligent, smart, easy going endodontist. I enjoy working with him side by side, co-diagnosing, treatment planning together, sharing passion for dentistry.

Dr Hossein Javid

Co-Founder of Dr Smile

Dr Perea has done more than 1000 Root Canal Treatments over the past 10+ years as an associate in our office. He has a way of making our patients feel comfortable and at ease regardless of how nervous they are. He is super gentle, superb and fast, which makes the overall experience for the patients more pleasant. He is honest and ethical, a must quality for me.  If you are looking for an amazing Endodontist you have found him.

Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen

Nikaeen Orthodontics

Dr Perea is extremely professional, knowledgeable and attentive. He is an exceptionally caring and detail practitioner and I highly recommend him to my patients!

Kathrin Pilz

After a root canal had become infected my former dentist as well as a highly trained root canal specialist only saw one option: to pull the tooth. However, I was far from ready to let go of it and I am so very glad I asked Dr Perea for a second opinion. He looked at the X-rays and said he could make no promises but will do everything in his power that I could keep my tooth as long as possible. I came and saw him the very next day. Dr Perea treated me extremely respectful and explained every little step to me and managed to take all my nervousness away. (Did I mention I suffer from a mild dental phobia). Most importantly however, Dr Perea ended up saving my tooth, when everybody else had given up on this option.  Apparently, it was a very sophisticated, delicate procedure, but seemed fast and absolutely painless to me the patient. It’s been over a year and my tooth still lives happily ever after… Dr Perea is not only a brilliant doctor but also very caring and has a lot of empathy for his patients.  I cannot recommend him enough!

Dan Aloni


I went to see Dr Perea for a root canal.  I was very nervous. After surgery, I didn’t even need to take Tylenol afterwards. It was a painless experience.

Jordan Greenhut

The pain and sensitivity in my tooth was unbearable and a root canal was required.

Dr Perea was wonderful. If you are looking for the best, look no further.

Mehran Nia


I took my elderly father for a root canal.  My father walked out of the office afterwards with a big smile on his face and telling me what an amazing and loving man Dr Perea was.  My father’s tooth was saved despite others advising to pull it out.  Saved tooth, no pain, happy father.  Can’t ask for a better experience.

Jenna Linnekens

Dr. Perea is a master at his craft. No pain and any fear and anxiety I had was calmed by his  warm and calm demeanor. His care and follow up are unusual in this day and time but he is the difference. He is the best of the best.

Tanya Soler

If I could rate my experience at Dr. Perea’s office by using  stars, I would choose as many as there were possible. My dentist referred me to Dr. Perea’s office when he found I needed a root canal. I was completely shocked and very afraid. I really dislike any procedures done and actually had never done anything as intrusive as a root canal. When I asked my dentist: “why can’t you do it?” My dentist explained insisted that I should got to Dr. Perea as he specializes in root canals and that I should call his office immediately to make an appointment… so, I did. Upon calling the office, I was able to get an appointment immediately, as I explained this tooth was causing me a lot of pain they somehow moved things around and gave me a next day appointment. Once at the office, there was no wait time at all. They took me right in, and the hygienist let Dr. Perea know I was there. Although they were busy at the time, Dr. Perea greeted me right away; and as he began to explain the steps for the procedure, I was immediately put at ease by his calm, warm and confident demeanor. He literally walked me through the process as it was happening, all while giving me time estimates on how long we had left. I had been so nervous, and he made everything so fast, easy, and painless! After everything was done, it was really done. I never had to go back, I never experienced, pain, or inflammation… it was truly unbelievable. There is no one that I would ever recommend over Dr. Perea, whether it is a root canal or any other dental procedure for that matter. He, and his entire staff made me feel like family. Thank you Dr. Perea!

Sharon De Grieff

After experiencing significant dental pain and consulting a dentist who did not see a problem, I went to Dr. Perea. He immediately identified the issue and advised that I needed a root canal. I was very nervous about the procedure, but Dr. Perea patiently explained the issue and the solution. His confidence provided reassurance. The root canal itself was totally pain free. My dental pain immediately subsided. I am very grateful to Dr. Perea and his staff. I recommend that you consult Dr. Perea.

Dr. Perea’s Certifications